In Genesis 30: 25-43, we have an interesting account of a Divine compensation. Jacob had laboriously served Laban – his father in law, for hiding at his place for safety; for wanting to marry his second daughter Rachel; and for insisting on marrying Rachel when Leah – the senior daughter was dubiously given to him instead of Rachel he wanted.

After all his efforts and inputs into Laban’s business, it seems as if he was going to be sent away empty handed, except that he would not leave for home anymore. However, in the text we could see how God miraculously compensated Jacob’s efforts and inputs in such a way that Laban could not withhold.

This month of February, God will miraculously compensate the efforts and servitude of many. In places where the ‘Cosmic System’ (especially in this land) has planned to hold back from you, God will release your due rewards in Jesus name.