December 2021 Theme – So Far, So Good

December 2021 Theme – So Far, So Good

The life of a man can be likened to a journey, where one travels from one location to another; from a departure point to a destination point. Along with those two locational points, the individual travelling will encounter a number of things along the way, good or not so good; interesting or not so interesting. At the end of the journey, the traveller can then conclude whether the entire journey was good or no so good.

The journey of the planet Earth became marred at some point in its existence, so God thought of remaking the Earth into what He had intended before. God spent six days to complete this work of re-creation and further creations as well (Gen. 1: 1-31; 2: 1-25).

It is interesting to note that even though God had not finished what He wanted to do by end of Day Five, but after each day’s work, God would pause to assess what He had done. At the end of each day, God’s declaration was that what He had done was good. So, in essence, God confessional statement was, ‘so far, so good’ (Gen. 1: 4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25).

Ultimately, at the end of Day Six, God made an overall assessment of all He had re-done and did newly, His cumulative report was that everything was very good, excellent, distinct (Gen. 1: 31). A combination of good parts translated to joint excellence!

We all started a journey on 1st January 2021, our destination is to enter 1st January 2022 alive, well and better than who and what we were when we enter the year 2021. It is possible that part of the terrain we have travelled or are still travelling in 2021 might be rough, muddy, slippery, rocky, flooded, thorny, frightening, deadly, etc. God has however made sure that we have not died, got drowned, got burnt, fallen, etc. We can confidently say, ‘so far, so good.’

As we travel in the remaining days of 2021 therefore, it is my prayer that by 1st January 2022, our confessional statements will then be that the overall result for 2021 for us is that everything was very good, superb, and very excellent in Jesus mighty name.