October 2016 Theme – The Day of Showing

Showing can be defined as the act of putting something on display. It can also be a performance or appearance of a particular kind.

The life of John the Baptist was a very peculiar one. His birth was delayed for several years because he was chosen to be the forerunner of Jesus Christ. So that his parents had to wait until they were stricken in years as the birth of Jesus was not finalised from Heaven. Six months before Jesus came, John was released to come and his aged mother – Elizabeth became impregnated by her very old husband – Zechariah. His mother had to hide his pregnancy in their village for the first 5 months until her tommy became un-concealable.

There were several annunciations about John’s destiny in the scriptures. First from Angel Gabriel before his conception (Luke 1:8-20); and later from his father during his circumcision and naming ceremony (Luke 1:76-79).

Everyone that heard the story of John’s birth were all filled with awe and were wondering what sort of a person he would become (Luke 1:65-66). Despite this special attention that John attracted as a baby, he later lived out of the public eye for a while and even went to live in the wilderness until the day of his showing (Luke 1:80).

When ‘the day of showing’ for John came, the power of the Holy Ghost rested upon him so mightily to the extent that all people (commoners, military rulers, religious leaders, etc) were rushing to the wilderness to hear him speak and to baptise them. Despite the hard terrain, the hash weather, the lack of amenities, John’s harsh language and his unappealing looks, etc. John still became a showpiece for God in the land of Israel (Luke 3:1-18).

God has impressed it upon my spirit that every annunciation, promise and prophecy regarding us are to be upgraded to ‘the day of showing’ from now on. We shall come out of the incubation of life and enter into our season of manifestation to the glory of God in Jesus name.


August Theme – Staggering Accomplishments

August Theme – Staggering Accomplishments

Staggering can be defined as very large, shocking or surprising. It can also be defined as causing great astonishment, amazement or dismay. Accomplishment on the other hand is defined as something that has been achieved successfully or an activity that a person can do well. It could also mean something done admirably or creditably.

In one of Jesus teaching, He told a parable of the sower. He said, as the sower went out sowing, some of his seed fell on roadside, some on rocky soils, others among thorns, and some fell on good soils. He went further to say that those that fell on the roadside got eaten by birds; those on rocky soils first grew rapidly but soon withered for lack of deep root; those that fell among thorns eventually got choked by the weeds. However, those on good soils were able to bear fruits and some yield fruits that were thirty times more than the planted seeds, others sixty times more and others a hundred times more (Mt. 13:1-8). This shows that in any kind of production, seed sowing or investment, there are different levels of profit, yield or dividend. There is the level of nothing; the level of few; the level of much and the level of too much.

In the land of Israel, prophethood is nothing new. It has been in existence from the time of Abraham who himself was called a prophet by God. However, all prophets do not operate on the same level or rating. They can be classified as lower, middle or higher prophets based on their intimacy with God and their ministerial accomplishments.

Unarguably, Prophet Elijah belonged to the higher class of prophets. He was able to sealed the heaven from dew and rain; he brought down fire from heaven at will; he raised the dead; etc. In all, the bible recorded about 16 miracles performed by Elijah.

Despite all that God used Elijah to do, if one should consider the life of Prophet Elisha, his own accomplishment was staggering. The bible recorded 32 miracles done by Elisha in his lifetime and an extra miracle even in death!

I hear the voice of God says, “Many of my sons and daughters have done excellently, but you will surpass them all”. This month and beyond, we must trust God for greater grace for staggering accomplishments in our personal lives; in our families and in our ministry. May it be so for us all in Jesus name.


July 2016 Theme – Divine Presence

Presence can be defined as being in a particular place or the state of being present. The God we serve is omnipresent. His Spirit is everywhere at the same time. However, the power, the glory and the weight of God can yet be felt very strongly in a particular place so that one can say that God certainly is there.

In Genesis 28:10-19, Jacob was going to Haran to meet his uncle in order to escape the wrath of his brother Esau and to look for a wife. He got to a certain place called Luz at night and slept.

In his sleep, he had a dream and saw angels of God ascending and descending on a ladder and God stood above the ladder to address him. God told him that the land he was lying on will be given to him and his descendants; that He will be with him; and that He will bring him back to Canaan after his sojourn.

When Jacob awoke, he made a crucial statement. He said, “Surely God is in this place and I knew it not. How dreadful is this place! This is none other than the house of God and this is the gate of heaven”. So Jacob made an altar to God there in the morning and renamed the place Bethel – meaning House of God.

We are very grateful to God that He has always shown that He is with us from the inception of our Assembly. We have seen His moves within us in many ways and in many instances. God is however reassuring us in this seventh month of this year, that henceforth His presence will be more real in our midst and in our lives, so that we will certainly be able to say that our Assembly is undoubtedly a house of God and a ‘gate to heaven’. May the Spirit of God fulfilled this in Jesus name.


June 2016 Theme – Divine Amazement

June 2016 Theme – Divine Amazement

Amazement is a feeling of great surprise or wonder; it is the feeling that accompanies something that is extremely surprising and shocking. When that feeling of surprise comes from the acts of God or with the assistance from God, it is referred to as Divine amazement.

God Himself is amazing. His person, nature and deeds are just too amazing. God also specialises in turning other personalities into amazing objects.

In John 9:1-38, Jesus turned the life of a man into huge amazement. The man was over 40 years and had been born blind. In Jewish traditional belief and to some extent even in medicine; an ailment that occurs post-birth still stand a chance to be corrected, but when an ailment like blindness, deafness, dumbness and lameness was already there before birth; the Jews believed that it is irreversible, and it’s largely so in medicine also.

When this man came in contact with Jesus, he was taken back to Eden for re-creation; Jesus anointed his eyes with mud and asked him to go and wash in Siloam pool. He came back seeing with brand new eyes!

The occurrence was so shocking to the Jews and their leaders who have not seen anything like that happened before (John 9:18). The man had to explain himself over and over again, the Pharisees were so amazed that the act actually divided them (John 9:16).

The man was so amazed himself, but did not let the Sahendrin council to convince him that Jesus was a false prophet. His parents were also shocked, they however played safe by telling anyone that asked them how it happened to speak to their son directly. Eventually, this amazing act gave glory to God as Jesus rightly has said.

In this month of June, God will do amazing works in us and through us. These acts will be surprising to us, to our relations and especially our onlookers. Severally, people will ask us how it happened. We would only be able to say, “It happened so that God might glorify His name”. May that be the testimony for us all in Jesus name.