Don’t Miss Your Place In God’s Program, by Pastor Peter Yakubu

Text: Ruth 1:1-22

This happened in the days when judges ruled: needless to stress that the rule of judges and not kings as should have been the case was brought about as a consequence of the error of a man called Judah, the son of Jacob. This error denied ten generations of kings access to the throne because a father satisfied his lust.

Elimelech was a man in the lineage of the Messiah from the city of Beth-lehem-Judah. (Bethlehem means the house of bread or the place of food.) It was an irony that there was famine in the house of bread and Elimelech whose name means “My God Is King” would relocate to somewhere else, and of all places, Moab; outside of the Commonwealth of Israel. He left with his wife and two sons to live in Moab.

Soon after, Elimelech died leaving his wife Naomi ( Naomi mean” pleasant, lovely” hence -“my pleasant one or “my lovely one”) and their two sons Mahlon (meaning “weak, sick”) and Kilion (meaning “frail”)

The two boys married Moabite ladies Orpah (“back of the neck” or ” to turn back”) and Ruth (“friendship”). Within the space of a short time, the two boys died leaving no children. Having been in Moan for ten years, Naomi decided to return to Bethlehem having heard that the famine was over (Vs 6). Orpah ‘turned back’ to her people while Ruth befriended Naomi to the end (vs 14).

In vs 13, Naomi said, “…the LORD is afflicting me!” (NET). Why would she claim so and not that the hand of the LORD was against her husband and children by killing them? Obviously, she knew she was in the heat because it was her decision to relocate in the first place. Don’t ever undermine the power of a woman: if a man is tired of a place or church and desires to move and the wife does not consent, trust me, they will remain there. If the woman got tired and decided to move and the man does not want to, still trust me, they are moving. For whatever reason Naomi wanted out of Bethlehem during the ‘temporary’ scarcity, I cannot say: maybe she thought she was smart, or she wanted her ailing children treated abroad or maybe, she was just an impatient person. Whatever the reason, DO NOT MAKE PERMANENT DECISIONS OVER TEMPORARY SITUATIONS.

When Naomi got back to Bethlehem, she met the same people she left behind, they did not die. Rather she suffered losses. She said “I left here full, but…return empty (vs 21). Her decision to relocate did not pay her.

How many people have left the churches where God planted them at the slightest provocation or offences. Whatever the offence, if God planted you there stay there (Ps 92:13). You don’t resign from your job because of provocation or offences, do you? Why leave the church? Why leave your country or city for a reason that might not stand the test?’ The LORD Jesus said “offences must come” (Matt. 18:7). Patience and self-control are the fruit of the Spirit.

Elimelech should have been the great-grandfather of David and a progenitor of the Messiah but he lost it to a woman who could see beyond the mundane and attached herself forcefully and by faith into the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ruth was a woman of the Spirit, willing to go to where Naomi ran away from. She became the mother of Obed, David’s grandpa through Boaz, Elimelech’s brother. Elimelech lost it and his brother had to raise the seed for him through Ruth. Even if Obed bears Chilion’s name, we know the seed is Boaz’s.

Elimelech’s one mistake erased his entire generation from God’s program for them. Let’s be careful about our choices and decisions in life.

Final Note:

That interesting four-chaptered book was not dedicated nor named after Elimelech, nor Naomi, neither Boaz nor Obed but to a total stranger, a gentile woman, a Moabitess, RUTH, who knew to plug herself into God’s program when those for whom it was prepared failed.

Seek To Know And Stay In The Centre Of God’s Will.

The sermon, Don’t Miss Your Place In God’s Program, by Pastor Peter Yakubu, founder, Prevailer’s Arena, Lagos Nigeria, was delivered on August 5, 2018.


How To Be Preserved In These Times And Seasons, by Pastor Yomi Obadimeji

Text: Jude 1: 1-4 Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to them that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, [and] called: 2 Mercy unto you, and peace, and love, be multiplied.  3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort [you] that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.  4 For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

The times we are in are evil. It is the last days. Things that we do not imagine will happen are happening in our days. Instead of condemning evil things, they get celebrated nowadays.

As Christians, God is counting on us. We have received a common salvation, we are however not making it common and popular to people around us. We just keep to ourselves alone. This is not the mind of God, He wants us to publish the good news by proclaiming our faith everywhere.

In order for us to be preserved in this evil times, we must do the following:

Continue to maintain His presence.

Moses knew that the only thing that could preserve Israel as a nation was if God’s presence remained with them (Ex. 34:33-35). The presence of God was distinguishable in the life of Moses, His face shone and reflect the glory of God, such that other people could not look at him.

When the presence of God is with us, the more secure we will be. Moses was kept secure because he dwelt in God’s presence.  Every enemy he had were subdued before him (Num, 12: 1-10).

David also dwelt in the presence of God, he was kept secured by God from all attacks: animals and humans (Psalms 127: 1-6). Refuse to be a nominal Christian. Make yourself known to God. He will make Himself known to you.

Be a servant of God. Serve God.

Those who serve God, He keeps alive to serve Him more (Mal. 3: 17).

The Bible records that Phineas did serve God and God promised to preserve him and his household (Num. 25: 11-13). Let serving God be the reason why you are living.

God blesses those who serve Him; He heals them and prolongs their days (Ex. 23: 25-26).

David was a great servant of God (Psalms 89: 20; 105: 15), no wonder he was greatly blessed by God.

Daniel served God wholeheartedly, he was blessed mightily by God. We must add value to the kingdom of God through service.

Activate your faith in God.

The extent of faith you have in God determines the security of your destiny. Job had great faith in God, his security was strong. His blessings that the enemy took were doubled by God (Job 14:14; Job 42: 10-17).

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were men of great faith, God defended them. Those who threw them into the fiery furnace were burnt, but they were preserved. The king had to give honour to their God (Dan. 3:16, 28).

What can help you in these times?

The strength of your relationship with God.

Queen Esther had a strong relationship with the king, she got what she wanted (Esther 5: 3-8). Our relationship with the king of kings must be strong.

The quality of the word of God in you.

How much words do you have? This is what you can use to fight the enemy when he comes against you.

What is the seriousness with which you take the word? Your power and life rest on this.

May God preserve you in Jesus name. Amen!

The sermon, How To Be Preserved In These Times And Seasons, by Pastor Yomi Obadimeji, senior Pastor of RCCG Strongtower, Manchester was delivered on July 22, 2018.


Saved But Caged, by Pastor Bayo Adeyokunu

Bible Text: 1 Chron. 12: 21-22, 1 Kings 5:4, Gen. 8:1, 3-4
Prayer: The Lord will remember you this month. Every fountain of affliction, God will dry them up in Jesus name.

The story of Noah is a very interesting story. Gen. 6: 8 explains that Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. The world was full of sin and God decided to cleanse the world but Noah found grace. So God instructed Noah to build an Ark and put every animal, both, male and female, clean an unclean. Noah and his family also had the opportunity to be saved. While the world was full of the flood, Noah and his family were caged in the Ark for about 250 days. They were saved but caged. Imagine been locked up in a place for 250 days. They were saved from affliction and death but still caged.

There are people that have been saved, filled with the power of God, born again, spirit filled but are caged in one aspect or the other of their life. Some have PhDs but cannot get a good job, they are working in MacDonald’s. There are people who are living in this country and cannot work. They have been in the UK for many years but cannot seem to raise their head up high. I bring good news to you, you can find grace, and you can be saved and free.

The challenge is not many know they are caged. How can you know you are being caged?

1. Poverty: This is a distinct factor of been caged. Jesus was made poor that we may be rich (2 Corin. 8:9). As a Christian, you ought to live in abundance. In the Western world, this can even be tricky due to the availability of credit cards. Note; when you find yourself buying food with a credit card; such that you have no other means; it is like without the credit card you cannot survive, there is a problem, you are being caged.

2. When something that flourishes in your life begins to wither. The car you bought 10 years ago is now rickety but you cannot seem to change it and you keep going to the repair shop every week; you are being caged.

3. When nothing seems to work. Where others succeed, you try but fail.

4. Having disobedient children is a sign of been caged. Individuals can be caged, families can be caged. When you cannot give instructions to your children and they obey. There are families where all children are divorced, or they have one issue or the other, they lack peace and continuous success. It is a sign of being caged

5. When a person faces the “almost there” syndrome. Almost got married but never got married, almost got the job but never got the job, almost excellent but not good enough.

6. When a person lacks understanding of the word of God. When your Pastor preaches about tithes and offering, first fruits. You have been attending church since 1920 but still, you never give tithes. When a person has a strong and stony heart, the word doesn’t prosper the person; it is a sign of being caged.

7. When you constantly experience stagnancy and delay. Noah was saved but stagnant for 250 days. Consistent loss of jobs and delay in getting one are evidence of being caged. I pray for you today, God will bring you out of every bondage in Jesus name Amen.

8. Consistent perennial problems. Always having problems, no testimony for the past 1-3 years.

The above is evidence of being caged but one that is being caged can be delivered with the following signs and dos.

1. You must realize that you have been caged. Credit cards are designated for investments not for buying food to eat. Live within your means and wait on God of increase. You are on a 30 years old mortgage and you are not making reasonable effort to pay back on time. There is this general saying that the day a madman knows he is mad; that is the beginning of his cure. So, it is necessary to know that you have a problem. Do not live in denial.

2. You must be holy and love God. Prov. 8: 17-18 – “I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me. With me are riches and honour, enduring wealth and prosperity.” Everything you are looking for is in Christ. Those that seek God early will find Him. If you want to be free, love God passionately. Early in the morning worship him, praise him, and adore him not because of what He gives you. There was a man I used to know who was a multi-billionaire in dollars but the last 3 years of his life was lived in agony, pain, he couldn’t eat and even his money could not help him. He couldn’t even comprehend his surroundings. John 14: 21-23 & 24.

3. Be obedient to the word of God. The first test of your love for God is Obedience. When you truly Love God, you will keep his commandment.

4. Holiness is a key ingredient, it will pave way for you. The purity of heart. The master key to greatness, deliverance is holiness. The most destructive thing is Sin, not Stan, You have the power to say NO to sin. Psalm 107: 17 – “Some became fools through their rebellious ways and suffered affliction because of their iniquities”. Matthew 5:8- “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

5. Resolve to be violent in prayers and for God. Matt. 11:12 – “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subjected to violence, and violent people have been raiding it”. Life will not yield anything good to you on a platter of gold, whether in secular life or within the church. The way life is designed, you have to work hard and smart. You must learn to fight in life (1 Timothy 6:12a). Fight the good fight of faith. When you are destined to be great, there will be resistant to the devil but as a far, as God lives, you shall fulfil a purpose.

An example was when Jacob was going back home after serving Laban for 15years (Gen 29). At some point he was alone, the road was weary and he had to fight an Angel to get what is duly his. Gen.32:24

6. You must put a demand on life by holiness and fervent prayers. At some point in time, God will not expect your Pastor to pray for you for everything. You need to pray for yourself, you need to fight in prayers by yourself. There are somethings God expect you to fight for.

7. You can also be delivered by the mercy of God. Rom. 9: 15 & 16. We need the mercy of God to be successful. I pray God will show you mercy always.
Ruth was shown mercy and became one of the great-grandmothers of Jesus. Also, Solomon was shown mercy 1 Sam 12: 24 & 25, born out of an adulterous murderous situation, he became king and there is no one that holds as much wisdom as he held as the king of Israel. Note that it doesn’t matter your circumstances, how you were born, you are being loved by the highest once you are saved.

8. Another way to be delivered from being caged is to have absolute faith in God. 1 John 5:4, Mark 9:23. You must believe the word of God that by His stripes you have been made whole. No matter what the doctors say, you must believe the word of God.

However, there are many types of cages: Cage of barrenness, singlehood, poverty and stagnancy

One of the many ways to get out of poverty is sowing. I remember when I used to farm back in the days, we usually keep the best of our yam for sowing the next season. The problem with some Christians is that they do not sow their best. 2 Corinthians 9: 6-8.

Sowing can bring all grace. Do something new and experience a new thing. If you study the story of the Shunammite woman, how she prepared a table for the prophet and when she suffered an affliction she had a seed to put her problems in (2Kings 4). When battles come do you have a seed that you can put your problems in?

Resolve today to sow obedience, holiness, and praise to God. Love God passionately, you can be saved and free.

You are freed from bondage as you do the word of God continually in Jesus name Amen.

The sermon, Saved But Caged, by Pastor Bayo Adeyokunu, RCCG Regional Pastor, USA and Senior Pastor RCCG Victory Temple, Bowie, Maryland, USA, was delivered on July 8, 2018, on the occasion of the 12th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service.


Removing Hell’s Testimony Against Us, by Apostle Isaiah Lawon

Satan’s effort to connect our bloodlines to delays or deny our blessing before God’s throne!!

The Kinds of Prayer:

  1. Personal Prayers and Requests – Luke 11:1-4
  2. Intercessory Prayers (on behalf of others) – Luke 11:5-11
  3. Entering the courts of heaven in God’s Presence – Luke 18:1-8

Distinct realms connected to our blood lines that provide the devil with testimony or evidence against us. These are five:

  1. Rebellion.
  2. Trades,
  3. Covenants,
  4. Dedications
  5. Words.



2 CHRON. 16:1-12

2 Chronicles 16:1-12.

We see this in the life of Asa, King of Judah. Asa served God and had good success. The success caused arrogance and pride to come into his life. Asa counted on other nations, rather than God to defend Israel. The prophet came to call Asa to repent and instead of repenting Asa punished the prophet. (2 Chronicles 16:10) Asa became sick. He did not seek the Lord. He continued in his rebellion until he died. Rebellion and stubbornness connect us to demonic things. If people in our bloodline walked in rebellion against the Lord, this gives the devil the legal right to afflict us. We must repent of anything or in anytime our ancestors walked in rebellion and sinned against God.


Trading is an activity in the spirit realm. It is possible to trade in god’s economy. It is possible to trade in the devil’s realm. Everything is a trade in the spirit world. The cross of Jesus was the greatest trade of all. 2 Corinthians 5:21 says for he made him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of god in him.

Jesus traded his life of righteousness for us. As a result of this trade we have salvation.




Luke 19:15 says: – 5 “And so it was that when he returned, having received the kingdom, he then commanded these servants, to whom he had given the money, to be called to him, that he might know how much every man had gained by trading.

The servants were supposed to take the currency that had been given to them and to trade the currency to produce something greater.

Currency can be much more than money. We have been given time, gifts, energy, favour, anointing and many other valuable things. How we trade with these currencies determines what is produced and gained. We trade every day. In 2 Corinthians 12 verse 15 Paul speaks of spending himself. And I will very gladly spend and be spent for your souls; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I am loved.

Paul says he would trade himself away for their betterment. In the natural, we take money or gold and trade it for other things. Paul said he was taking spiritual currency and trading it for the benefit of others. Our actions, attitudes, sacrifices, and gifts are being acknowledged in the spirit realm.



In the marriage covenant, people trade rings and vows and promises. Once we have dealt with any trades used, we must also undo any covenants that have resulted from the trades.

Genesis 21:27 – 27 So Abraham took sheep and oxen and gave them to Abimelech, and the two of them made a covenant. The trade signified their entering into a covenant or agreement.

People in our ancestry may have made covenants with demons for protection so that they would prosper or have power. These covenants were made through sacrifice or trades. Many times they were made using the sacrifice or trading of blood. Sometimes even the blood of humans. Once the sacrifices or trades were made the demons claimed the people as their own according to what was dedicated to them when the trade was made. In this way, individuals, families, bloodlines, cities, nations and entire cultures were given over.

These covenants created in the spirit world remain active until someone annuls them. Whatever the devil owns will eventually be destroyed through sickness, disease, poverty and tragedy. This is why many people are sick today. Somewhere in their bloodline, demonic powers have been given the right to own them. These rights have to be revoked. When this happens, the demons lose the right to hold the people in sickness.

“Lord Jesus I come repenting of any trade I have made with the devil and any covenant that has resulted as a result. I repent and I ask for the blood of Jesus to annul this covenant. For any place where my ancestors or I have gotten into an agreement with demonic powers, I repent. Whether this came through sacrifice to demonic powers or activities of rebellion and sin, I repent. If I have not only made covenants with devils but also broken covenants with man, I repent. I repent of any time I have been a covenant breaker, dishonouring or abusing authority. Lord, I ask that your blood will now speak for me according to Hebrews 12:24. I ask that Your blood would testify before the courts of heaven to annul every covenant with the powers of darkness. Lord, I ask that Your court now set in place all that You did for me on the cross. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for securing my healing by Your atoning work.

I now receive the effects of the anointing of the Holy Spirit into my body. Holy Spirit, come now to heal and restore any diseased part of my being, I ask, Lord Jesus, that any sickness operating against me now be judged as illegal from Your cross. I ask the Holy Spirit to touch me and make me whole. I receive everything you died for me to have. Thank you so much.



Just because you have prayed a prayer of salvation it does not mean that the conflict is over. This is when it begins. Satan will begin to build a case against you. This is especially true if you accept Jesus as saviour and not as Lord. When we accept Jesus as saviour we want the benefits of who He is and what He does. When we make Him our Lord we are declaring His ownership over us. This can be a fundamental reason the devil is still claiming ownership over us as a result of some dedication in our history.

Lord Jesus, we declare that we and our bloodlines belong to You. Any and every dedication made to the devil of our family line we now ask to be annulled by the blood of Jesus. We repent of any and every place we were dedicated to satanic powers through sacrifice. We ask that these sacrifices be annulled and the dedication rendered ineffective.

Lord Jesus, we acknowledge Your Lordship. We agree with the testimony of God as Judge, the Holy Spirit and all of Heaven that You are Lord. We now come under Your Lordship and declare that we belong to You. We are no longer our own; we are bought with the price of Your blood and sacrifice.

We invite the power of the Holy Spirit to exercise the Lordship of Jesus in our lives. We agree that everything Your blood purchased we now possess by the Holy Spirit. Every area of our lives we now surrender to you.

We now declare that any and every right is given to the powers of darkness through dedications to own us is now revoked. We belong only to the Lord Jesus Christ. Any and all sicknesses, diseases and pains afflicting us because of this previous ownership is now revoked and removed.

  1. WORDS

When someone with authority over our life or someone with authority in the spirit realm speaks evil of us, it can set things in motion. The demonic forces can take these words and build a case against us in the spirit realm. These words can give the devil the legal right to work against us.

People who are in authority can be parents, employers, bosses, leaders, pastors, elders, husbands, and anyone who has a position that gives them authority. Their words can be used in the spirit realm to bless or to curse.

People who have authority have been granted influence in the spirit realm. Because of a gift, office, call and history with God, they carry authority in the spirit realm. These people must be extremely careful with their words.

In 2 Corinthians 10:8, Paul speaks of using his authority correctly: For even if I should boast somewhat more about our authority, which the Lord gave us[a] for edification and not for your destruction, I shall not be ashamed—

Paul knew that his words had the power to build up and tear down.

There are 4 steps to undo words working against us.

1.) We must repent for every time we have spoken critically of others. We should also ask that any damage the devil has found a right to do to another because of our words be undone.

2.) We should repent for any instance where what others have said about us could be true. Sometimes their words against us are based on reality. We must acknowledge this and repent. We should ask for the blood of Jesus to speak for us on our behalf.

3.) Ask for the words to be annulled so the devil has no legal right to use them. We can ask for the blood of Jesus to revoke and remove these words from record within the Courts of Heaven.

4.) Declare that only what is written in the books of Heaven about us can happen. (See Psalm 139:16)

Let us pray to undo words that may be working against you.

Lord Jesus, I come laying my life down before You. I lay my life down and present myself as a living sacrifice to You. I declare that I was made by You, through You and for You. I declare I belong to You. I bring every word in the spirit realm that has been spoken about me before You. Any and every word that the devil is using that has been spoken by people, those in authority over

I first repent for every place I have spoken evil of others. I ask Lord, to be forgiven because of Your blood that now speaks for me. I am sorry for all my negativity and words of destruction against others. I ask that these words would be annulled and that the devil be unable to use them to secure legal rights to harm others. I am sorry for all of this.

I also repent of anything that has been spoken of against me and anywhere there is truth in these things. Lord, please show me anywhere I am guilty of that which has been declared about me. I take responsibility for anywhere I am at fault or in sin. I ask that Your blood cleanse and forgive me and wash away any rights the devil might use. I now ask, Lord, that all words against me be annulled by the blood of Jesus.

I ask for the speaking blood to speak on my behalf and revoke and remove all words that the devil could be using to build a case against me. Let these words be removed from the record of Heaven. Let every voice against me now be silenced. Let them not be used anymore to build any case against me.

The sermon, Removing Hell’s Testimony Against Us, by Apostle Isaiah Lawon, President, Full Stature International Ministries, was delivered on June 3, 2018.