August 2017 Theme- Unhindered Advancement

August 2017 Theme- Unhindered Advancement

Advancement can be defined as ‘a forward step; an improvement; a progress; a promotion or an act of moving forward’. Unhindered on the other hand can be defined as ‘not slowed down; not blocked or not interfered with’. So that unhindered advancement could then be said to be a forward step that cannot be slowed down; an improvement that cannot be blocked; a promotion or a moving forward that cannot be interfered with.

The Divine mandate upon Apostle Paul was to take the gospel of Christ to the Gentiles. Despite all the plans and attacks of the Enemy of the gospel (Satan), Paul was very successful in ministry. His ministry spread from Judea to the present day Middle East, Europe and parts of Asia.

In I Cor. 16:8-9, Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth that he would tarry a bit in Ephesus City as there was a great opportunity for him to preach the gospel, though there were many opposition. As a result of his stay, a very thriving church was birthed in Ephesus that could not be hindered by all kinds of opposition (Rev. 2:1-7).

Also, God promised Paul that He would make him to stand before Caesar in Rome to preach Christ. So that somehow, the Jews convicted Paul and sentenced him to death for spreading a new religion, which made Paul appealed to Caesar. Paul was bound by chain and sent on a ship to Rome. Along the way, God sent a tempest that got rid of Paul’s shackles. Not too long after he arrived in Rome, someone who was supposed to be locked up in prison began to live in his own rented apartment and was able to preach Christ to everyone for over two years (Acts 28:30-31).

In this month of August and beyond, God has impressed it upon my spirit that as a church we are to experience unhindered advancement: a forward step that cannot be stopped or slowed down; an improvement that cannot be blocked; and a promotion that cannot be interfered with. May we all experience these in Jesus name. Amen!


11th Annual Conference of RCCG EFA Leeds Holds July 14 – 16, 2017 at the Land of Mercy

The 11th Annual Conference of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Everlasting Father’s Assembly, Leeds holds from Friday July 14th to Sunday July 16th 2017. The theme for this year’s conference as declared by God through His son, Pastor Samuel Obafaiye, the host,  is “From Glory Unto Glory – 2 Corinthians 3:18.”

Pastor Obafaiye announced the Special Minister at the conference as Reverend George Adegboye, while songs ministration will be done by Glowreeyah.

Rev’d Adegboye is an Apostle of the New Testament, with a commission to “Take the Word to the nations of the World, emphasising its integrity”. He is the President of the Ever Increasing Word Ministries, also known as Rhema Chapel International Churches, with many branches worldwide.

Rev'd George Adegboye, founder RHEMA ChapelHe is also the President of the Word of Victory Bible Training Institute and the Young Ministers Teaching School, which are the training arm of the ministry. He teaches the word extensively with a simplistic practical prophetic insight. He is in great demand all over the world across denominations and independent churches for conventions, seminars and outreaches.

He always brings a message of challenge, inspiration and motivation. To him, teaching and preaching the Word is an all consuming passion. His numerous admirers worldwide, because of the profusion and accuracy with which he quotes relevant portions of scriptures to support his statements and claims, fondly refer to him fondly as the “Walking Concordance” and at times as the “Walking Bible”.

He has being instrumental in helping to birth, father, mentor, train, adjust, repair, place, encourage, motivate and send forth several fit and capable ministers into the harvest fields of the earth.

He has been used to impart and transform many young men and women into flaming fire brand ministers of the Gospel in several nations of the world. His ministry resource materials are always in great demand.

He is committed to making the word of God available all over the world through every available means. He hosts the weekly Word and You telecast programme on many Television Stations in Nigeria.

George Olawale Adegboye holds a Master Degree in Sociology. He is married to Oloruntoyin Modupeola and they are blessed with three children; Faith, Faithful, Faithfulness. They reside in Ilorin, Nigeria.

Known for her vast musical prowess, Glowreeyah Braimah explores the many facets of sound creating unique experiences with every song and her newest single, “Covenant Keeper,”produced by Ace producer GospelOnDaBeatz, is no different.

 Released Tuesday, October 6thCovenant Keeper is a worship call with live instrumentation which along with her unique delivery is bound to be a hit on different airwaves across the country, bringing to light a new side and sound of the artiste, Glowreeyah.

“In the world we live in today where hope has become a major need, Covenant keeper is a worship cry for a divine intervention from the Most High God. My younger sister, Jane-Terese was due for delivery of her triplets and this song cemented my faith in what God could do as one who keeps His word.” the singer commented.

Read the Theme for the Annual Conference HERE 


July 2017 Theme – Moving Higher In Glory

July 2017 Theme – Moving Higher In Glory

The life we live is continuously changing. Nothing appears to be constant. The bible makes us to know that “To everything, there is a season, and a time to everything under the heaven” (Eccl. 3:1).
Within those seasons and times, other variations still occur. Just like there is a time to be born and a time to die, within which other variations still happen.

Only God possess the attribute of being constant and never changing (Mal. 3:6). He is the Ancient of days; Unchangeable God; the I am that I am, etc. As for us humans, our lives do change. There is the possibility of a life moving from bad to good; worse to good; good to worse; good to bad; good to better; better to best; etc.

Interestingly, Apostle Paul says that for a Christian who pays attention to Christ and His words, the life of such a believer will receive transformation unto the image of Christ, and if the believer still keeps his gaze on Christ Jesus, he/she will keep moving from glory to glory (2 Cor. 3:18).

The bible make us to know that Joshua was among the 12 spies who went to view Canaan, that alone was a level of glory and honour (Num. 13:1-16). Joshua was also an aide to Moses, which also conferred great recognition to him (Num. 27:18-23).

At the departure of Moses, Joshua entered into a higher level of glory and honour that he had never been before. No one was able to stand before him or fight him (Jos. 1:1-6).

To experience glorious living is sweet, to move up in levels of glory is even more so. In this month and beyond, God will increase us tremendously in glory and honour; He will put His fear upon us, so that no power will be able to mess about with us. May this be our portion in Jesus name. Amen!


June 2017 Theme – Greater Power And Greater Grace

June 2017 Theme – Greater Power And Greater Grace

Power can be defined as the ability to do something or act in a particular way. It can also be the rate of doing work.

An interesting thing to know about power is that it is not the same for all objects. To this effect, power has a unit whereby it can be measured. Therefore, the attained level of power of a particular object can be calculated or determined.

Another interesting aspect of power is that it relates to time. The extent of work done by an object or the rate per time at which it is done will give an indication of how powerful that object is.

One of the most powerfully anointed prophets in human history is Prophet Elijah. In his days, he was able to call down physical fire from heaven; raised the dead; made rain to fall; brought supernatural provision in time of famine; separated the Jordan River; etc. In all, the bible recorded 16 miracles performed by God through the hands of Elijah.

Due to the level of power wielded by Prophet Elijah, it would be unimaginable to think that someone else could or can be more powerful than he was. Yet Prophet Elisha that took over from Elijah enjoyed greater power in double measures.

In his own time, Elisha was recorded in the bible to have done 32 miracles while living and an extra one in death. He was able to raise the dead; brought supernatural provisions; separated the Jordan River; brought miraculous military victories; etc.

The ability to enjoy greater power in life comes from enjoying greater grace from God. This is because all power belong to God. King Saul’s son – Ishibosheth controlled a bigger army than David did. However, the team of David became stronger than those of Ishibosheth because David enjoyed greater grace (2 Sam. 3:1).

This month of June, the Almighty God is prepared to endue us with greater power and bestow upon us greater grace for the days, months and years ahead. May these be our portion in Jesus name. Amen!