October 2017 Theme – The Uncommon Inheritance

Inheritance can be defined as “the act of inheriting property; the reception of genetic qualities by transmission from parents to offspring; the acquisition of a possession, condition, or trait from past generations”. Uncommon on the other hand can be defined as “out of the ordinary; unusual; rare; extraordinary; unconventional; unfamiliar”; etc.

Inheritance is not a new concept. It has been in existence for many generations, it is very common. When people die, they bequeath their estates (houses, cars, investments, cash and other material possessions) to relatives, friends, helpers, charities and even pets. It’s nothing new or strange.

However, there are few people in life who are privilege to be recipient of ‘uncommon inheritance’. Such inheritance can range from a good name (Sons of Rechab); notable feats done by a family member (House of David); evidential favour of God (The Levites); generational covenant of God (Abraham descendants); etc.
In Gen. 12:1-4, God told Abraham that in him will all the nation of the earth be blessed. Since Abraham was not to live on earth forever, it means that blessing must pass through his genealogy. Interestingly Abraham had no child at this stage. In Gen. 22:15-18, God again reiterated this blessing on Abraham, by this time, he already had two sons – Ishmael and Isaac.

Later on, Abraham had another wife and concubines who bore him more sons. But before Abraham died, he called all his sons to himself and share his estates to them as gifts, but unto Isaac, he gave his all – the blessing of the covenant, i.e. uncommon inheritance (Gen. 25:1-6, 11). No wonder, Jesus – the blessing to all Nations of the world had to come through the linage of Isaac and not through any of the other sons.

In this month of October and beyond, God’s word to our Assembly is that we shall enjoy uncommon inheritance inherent in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Blessings pertaining to dominion, multiplication, fruitfulness, abundance, supremacy, overflowing joy, sound health, victory, etc shall be ours in Jesus name


September 2017 Theme – The Changes That Birth Progress

September 2017 Theme – The Changes That Birth Progress

Progress is one thing that everyone desires. We all want to move forward. We want to advance. We want to forge ahead in life. No one in their right mind wants the opposite.
The bible tells us in Psalm 75: 6-7 ‘For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another’.
The question however is, why will God put one down and set up another? Could the personal state of the two people in question warranted that judgement of God? Very likely. It is possible for one to show certain attitude, disposition and/or deeds that can dispel progress. While it is possible for another to show aattitude, disposition and/or deeds that can propel progress.
The story of the man in John 5:1-15 is a good example. His attitude, disposition and deeds have seemingly kept him in sickness for 38 years, and not because there is no one to help him. His focus had always been on not having a helper, rather on how he could have made changes to help himself.
For years, he had been lying down under any of the five porches around the pool, so that when an angel stirred the pool, someone very close to the pool would have entered before him. Since he could at least walk, I suppose he should be sensible to stay very close to the pool after few years of disappointment, but for 38 years, he didn’t! To the extent that when Jesus who could heal him without the stirring of the pool was asking him if he wanted to be healed, his state of mind shows that he was not still ready. If Jesus had not have special compassion on him, he would have died in that condition.
As we enter September, God has impressed it upon my mind, that some may not have experienced the progressive change they are expecting, not because ‘the pool hasn’t been stirred or the angel been sent’, but because their attitude, disposition and/or deeds are such that they are in a spiritual state that cannot propel the change to happen.
It is needful for me therefore, to charge us all to examine ourselves, and so make necessary inward changes that can birth the sort of progress we desire from God. May the required willingness and grace come upon us in Jesus name.


August 2017 Theme- Unhindered Advancement

August 2017 Theme- Unhindered Advancement

Advancement can be defined as ‘a forward step; an improvement; a progress; a promotion or an act of moving forward’. Unhindered on the other hand can be defined as ‘not slowed down; not blocked or not interfered with’. So that unhindered advancement could then be said to be a forward step that cannot be slowed down; an improvement that cannot be blocked; a promotion or a moving forward that cannot be interfered with.

The Divine mandate upon Apostle Paul was to take the gospel of Christ to the Gentiles. Despite all the plans and attacks of the Enemy of the gospel (Satan), Paul was very successful in ministry. His ministry spread from Judea to the present day Middle East, Europe and parts of Asia.

In I Cor. 16:8-9, Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth that he would tarry a bit in Ephesus City as there was a great opportunity for him to preach the gospel, though there were many opposition. As a result of his stay, a very thriving church was birthed in Ephesus that could not be hindered by all kinds of opposition (Rev. 2:1-7).

Also, God promised Paul that He would make him to stand before Caesar in Rome to preach Christ. So that somehow, the Jews convicted Paul and sentenced him to death for spreading a new religion, which made Paul appealed to Caesar. Paul was bound by chain and sent on a ship to Rome. Along the way, God sent a tempest that got rid of Paul’s shackles. Not too long after he arrived in Rome, someone who was supposed to be locked up in prison began to live in his own rented apartment and was able to preach Christ to everyone for over two years (Acts 28:30-31).

In this month of August and beyond, God has impressed it upon my spirit that as a church we are to experience unhindered advancement: a forward step that cannot be stopped or slowed down; an improvement that cannot be blocked; and a promotion that cannot be interfered with. May we all experience these in Jesus name. Amen!


2017 – Our Year of Unimaginable Progress

2017 – Our Year of Unimaginable Progress

Unimaginable can be defined as something that is difficult or impossible to imagine or comprehend. Something that is unthinkable, inconceivable, unbelievable, unlikely, impossible, breath-taking, mind blowing or unthought-of of. Progress on the other hand is a movement towards a goal or to a further or higher stage. It is a forward or onward movement towards an intended destination.

Generally in life, we all progress from one level to another once we commit time and effort to a course or cause. However, there are certain progresses that are just extraordinary, so that no one can think they will ever happen.

For example, in the Army, after graduating from the Royal Military Academy, the cadets are commissioned as Second Lieutenant. Those that combine dedication and intelligent, with a bit of luck will be promoted about every 3 years. So that after about 10 years in service, they would have progressed to the rank of Major. It will be unimaginable for a cadet after graduation to become a Major in less than 5 years.

The bible talks about Daniel, how he was promoted in an unimaginable way. He was a slave in exile who was privileged to enjoy great opportunity. He was chosen among the exiled young Jews who were to learn the Babylonian culture in order to minister as officers in the palace. However, God distinguished Daniel greatly, not only was he the best in secular knowledge, but also in supernatural things (Dan. 2:47).

Daniel was promoted very rapidly in Babylon to a shocking level (Dan. 2:48). He was made the ruler over the entire Provinces of Babylon, and placed above all the advisers of the king. At his recommendation, officers were elevated and demoted (Dan. 2:49). It was an unthinkable progress.

Jehovah says the year 2017 will be our year of Unimaginable progress.

– He said, as 10 is the first number that has an added figure, though He has made us to progress before, yet in this year, He will add to our progress greatly.

– He said, as the gears are for speed in vehicles, He will move us to a higher gear and by so doing increase our speed.

– He said, He is working out something with us that will be difficult to imagine or comprehend.

– He said, this year He is determined to blow our mind away with progress that is unthought-of of.

– He said by the end of 2017, He will amaze us with the extent of grounds we would have covered.

– He said, as kings and queens came to Solomon to ask him one question – How? He will ensure that the same question will be asked from us this year onwards.

– He said this year 2017 in many ways will be very distinct sort of worldwide, but for us it will be distinct for good.

– He said, He will sort us out all round. Areas where we are now lacking will be made up. He however said there are areas we will need to Repair; Reignite and Restart. He will then ensure that our fire will burn brightly and our flame will glow surprisingly.