February 2018 Theme – Prepare For The Great Draught

Draught can be defined as the drawing in of a fishing net; the fish taken at one drawing; a catch. It can also be an act of moving a load by drawing or pulling. Great on the other hand can be defined as something that is unusually or comparatively large in size or dimension; large in number or numerous. Great draught, therefore, is the pulling in of a large catch.

It is very tasking to move load by pulling or drawing, especially if the load is great or large. Necessary preparation for such object moving is needful. It may be that one will need to train their muscles; acquire necessary skills or knowledge on moving and handling; purchase durable apparatus for such task; form partnership and cooperation with those who will be helpful; or obtain endurance training.

In Luke 5: 1-11, Peter experienced a great draught in his profession as a fisherman. Though he had toiled the night before and caught nothing; Jesus asked him to launch into the deep for a draught and he obeyed. What he caught was a huge load of fishes that was too much for him and his brother to draw.

Their net could not withstand the draught; their boat too small for the load; their muscle too weak to pull; their skill and knowledge inadequate. They could not endure the pressure anymore, they had to shout to nearby fishermen for help.

God says a great draught is coming our way this year. He is, therefore, giving us an alert to get prepared, increase our capacity, and obtain necessary skills and tools that will be helpful before the draught is at our doorstep. May God enables us in Jesus name. Amen!


January 2018 Theme – The Remaking of Destinies

Destiny can be defined as “The events that will necessarily happen to a particular thing in the future; the force which is outside human control that determines what happens in the future; the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible course of events.

Most people believe in the concept of destiny; that whatever happened to a man in life (especially having done their best possible), must be their destiny.

In John 9:1-7, while Jesus and His disciples were passing, they saw a man that was born blind; the disciples were interested to know whether it was the sin of the man’s parents that caused his predicament, or the man himself had sinned from his mother’s womb!

Jesus told them neither was the case, but for the works of God to be made manifest in the life of the man; in other words, it was his destiny. Jesus went ahead to re-make what has been created before, such that man’s life was re-made into an amazing destiny.

Even though, destinies are said to be inevitable; our God specialises in the remaking of destinies; He can turn what has been programmed to be bad into good; He can also improve upon what is already good to become better.

Peter and Andrew; James and John were born into the fishing industry. They have been working with their fathers (Jonah and Zebedde) for years. They were family businesses which they needed to pass on to their own descendants. They ought to die as fishermen. However, when Jesus met them, their destinies were re-made from fishers of fishes to fishers of men (Mt. 4:18-22).

In this month of January, which is the beginning of this year, I have a witness in my spirit that God will visit many destinies in our midst. He will re-make, re-shape and re-mould certain destinies. The course of events for such destinies will change sharply, and it shall be for better in Jesus name. Amen!


RCCG EFA Leeds Prophecy for 2018: Our Year of Apostolic Grace And Power

The Holy Spirit says, since this is our 12th year, it will be our year to experience Apostolic Grace and Power. The term “Apostolic” means, “Something that is pertaining to either an apostle or the apostles of Christ: their time, their faith, their peculiar spirit, their practice, etc. So that in 2018 onwards, we shall witness things that are related to and pertaining to the acts of the apostles.

The apostles of Christ enjoyed tremendous grace and power. They were given great power to witness the resurrection of Jesus; great grace was also upon them all.

Things they couldn’t do before were made possible when they received the power of the Holy Ghost.

People that were timid and fearful became bold and courageous.

People that were stark illiterate were able to articulate and construct great sermons that brought thousands of sinners to salvation.

People that could not pray for an hour and could not fast at all were able to pray and fast for days unending.

People who used to quarrel about superiority became equal and knitted together.

People who used to perform miracles only at the errand of Jesus could then perform signs, wonders and miracles at will: they drove out demons, healed the sick, cleansed the lepers, and raised the dead. Some even healed in absentia and unintentionally (Acts 5:15-16; 19:11-12).

Only eleven usual and normal people were able to make a great impact, not only in Jerusalem; but also in the whole of Judea; in Samaria and the Asia Minor.

Therefore, from this year onwards, God says His grace and power upon us shall increase from the levels of followers and disciples to the rating of apostles. Such that we shall begin to experience:

Power to perform signs, wonders and miracles such as we haven’t seen before;

Grace to proclaim Christ before multitudes;

Grace to spend sufficient time in prayers and fasting;

Grace to decree things and they shall be established;

Grace to preach the gospel with boldness and with no compromise;

Grace to declare the gospel before rulers and leaders of the people;

Grace for one accord and to dine with singleness of heart;

Grace for wisdom and tongue that cannot be resisted or matched by men;

Grace for supernatural provision to enjoy and to do God’s work;

Grace to cause a stir of joy and excitement in Leeds and beyond;

Grace to win more souls for God;

Grace to receive direct and uninterrupted revelations from Heaven; etc.

All these and much more shall be ours in this year 2018 in Jesus name. Amen!