Blueprint To Secure Divine Attention, by Pastor Eddie Iduoze

Blueprint To Secure Divine Attention, by Pastor Eddie Iduoze

Bible Text: Isaiah 65:24- “And it shall be that before they call I will answer; and while they are yet speaking I will hear”.

God has blessed you, if God wants to bless a man he sends a man. The story of Samuel and Eli helps us to understand how Samuel recognized the voice of God through the Prophet Eli emphasizing that the recognizable voice you will hear in your Spirit, is the voice of your Pastor. Wherever you are; appreciate your Pastor because God will always speak through your Pastor to you, you cannot ignore the voice of your Pastor.

We have a mandate to secure divine attention because this month has been declared the month of Divine Attention.

It is necessary to know and recognize that everything in life runs on systems, procedures and principles; there is no accident anywhere, there is a plan. If God says this is our month of divine attention it means there is a plan in place to secure divine attention. There is a blue print to conform to; we need to pay attention to certain things for God himself to pay attention to us. That is; in faith, there is no trial error, there is no hit and miss. So if you are here or reading this and you are wondering, “what is wrong with me” then it means you do not work with the blue print of divine attention, even if you have one.

I will be sharing with you my own blue print and this blue print works.

In the year 1997, I came to the UK to join a pregnant wife who was unemployed; we were sharing a bathroom with lots of other people so you could know how awkward our situation was. Then one day I met this woman, she just got promoted from a Traffic Warden job to an Account Officer; I looked at this woman and I asked how long did you work as a Traffic Warder she said “2 to 3years”. Then I asked, “Are you by any means a Chartered Accountant”, she said “No”. Meanwhile, I am a qualified Accountant by training. I asked her; “since when have you been born again?” she told me and I thought, ‘I have been born again before then now’, then I asked again, “did you do water baptism like me?”, she said “ Yes”. I told myself if it took her 2years, I can manage 6months now. So I discussed with my wife, went back to the lady and asked her how I could become a Traffic Warden. She said I have to apply when it is advertised but their section is full. So I kept checking for the job advert, looked at papers. Then One day I found the job advert on Traffic Warden, I applied; they called me for Interview. I started June 25, 1997. December, I was on the street when they called me “K C 522 report to base”. Meanwhile; when I got the job I met a guy, his name is Moses; he is a Christian like you and I, I told him “I am leaving this place very soon” he said what are you talking about and tried to tell me how he has been on the street from one job to another that it cannot happen. I was with this Moses guy when they called me, and my boss said there is an opening for the post of a Finance Officer and I want you to start immediately. Exactly 6months later I left the streets.

Isaiah 65:24- “And it shall be that before they call I will answer; and while they are yet speaking I will hear”. God is speaking here, if you know how to work the following blue prints before you call the Lord will answer.

The Blueprint:

  1. Learn to use the name of Jesus- I understood the power in the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus is not a conjunction. It is a weapon. It is wrong to use the name of Jesus in sentences such as “I will see you tomorrow in the name of Jesus” that is a weak attempt at the prayer of protection. How many of you will like it if any time someone calls your name and you go to them, they say “sorry o, I was just talking”. When you use the name of Jesus wisely; God will pay attention to you. The name of Jesus is not part of your English Language vocabulary; it is a weapon of change, a name of deliverance. Something happened a while ago; I was in Ireland when my wife called me; she said a lady came to her, she has a Masters degree in IT and she has not worked with it for the past two years but I have given her your phone number to call you. I later got the call from the young lady; I spoke in tongues for 20minutes and screamed in the name of Jesus, that was on Thursday, by Friday she got an interview by Sunday she was already sharing her testimony that she was to start on Monday. The name of Jesus is higher than any other name use it wisely.
  1. Believe God- I have been Pastoring for 12 years now. The first 3years of my Ministry; I was in a situation where I was crying and praying for my members but God told me to stop crying because they do not believe. It is one thing for us to pray, it is another thing to believe in the God you are praying to. Without believing the prayers are empty and inactive. I am not talking about believing God and you set up Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. Years ago God told me to go to Cyprus, so I went to my father and said God told me to go Cyprus, he asked, “Is it UK, Is it America? I said, “No”. I have a very liberal father, He gave me 500pounds and I left. 3 years later we moved to the UK. Don’t just talk God, believe God. Let no man deceive you, you must believe Him. We talk prosperity but we do not give. Nobody put a gun to your head to believe God, you walked and decided yourself, so if you are believer then believe. Believe him to the core with no other options and you will secure His divine attention.
  2. Learn to love: I John 4:12- –  “No man has at any time [yet] seen God. But if we love one another, God abides (lives and remains) in us and His love (that love which is essentially His) is brought to completion (to its full maturity, runs its full course, is perfected) in us”. Do you love one another? Not confessionally; you should act it. So the depth of your love is what determines if God will show is attention or not. I love God and love Gods’ people, if you tell me a believer somewhere has a problem somewhere, I genuinely rise in defence. Some people do not move an inch when something bad happens to someone else. Understand that the hugs and kisses that are restricted to Church premises alone is not love.

Some people still talk about what someone else did in 1914 as if it happened 2hours ago, how can you say “in Jesus name” but your heart is tight. Also, behavior or attitude when you get angry and you want to act or say what you feel, nobody needs your opinion, “I need to give you a piece of my mind” .. well as for me “ I do not have a mind, I have only the mind of Christ”. Romans 12:9-10, Be devoted to one another, love one another, be devoted in love. The same love that transpires between siblings should be the same you have with one another as a Church.

  1. Service- Give yourself fully to the work of God. In 1996 I was in Cyprus, I use to do two jobs; I was doing 16hrs after which I go to Church to clean the Church, wash the toilets and the do the bulletin. I do that every week. Week in, week out for 3 years. So I tell my mates don’t look at me , don’t copy me o, because you do not know how much of myself I have given to God. Service commands Gods’ attention, give yourself fully to them Romans 10: 11 “Never been lacking in zeal”. We came May, 2007, June 2007 I got a job as a Traffic warden, by December 1997 I left the streets. By December 1998; I got a job with Oracle. Note, If I come into your Church today I will so serve God that you will be so jealous and angry and the angrier you are the more God will take you out of His picture.
  2. Giving- Acts 10:4, “And he, gazing intently at him, became frightened and said, What is it, Lord? And the angel said to him, Your prayers and your [generous] gifts to the poor have come up [as a sacrifice] to God and have been remembered by Him”. Some people are Prayer warriors but there are some things you cannot overcome by just Praying, you need to be a Prayer and Gifts warrior. God knows if he puts anything in my hands I will give. I am not saying I give till my family is poor. What I am saying is “the reason for acquisition is distribution”. Few years ago a friend came to me and said let us buy a house together. I looked at my friend and said , “ I like you very well but I cannot buy with you because if God ask me to give the house , I would not consult you”

2 Chronicles 1:6- “Solomon went up there to the bronze altar before the Lord at the Tent of Meeting and offered 1,000 burnt offerings on it”.

Some people have a giving spirit, while some people are very stingy they are rich but very stingy. I told you earlier that my father is a very liberal man. When I was younger, we had only one car but I will go to my father and ask to take the car out. He will give me keys and I will use it, meanwhile some of my friends their fathers have 6 cars but at 12 midnight if they go near the car their father will wake up. Some people have stingy spirit. That is why such people they end up been poor, at some point in their lives, the poverty spirit takes over. They put their money in some investment and it flies away. Give, pray for a generous spirit; give to God and share with man. God has blessed you to be a blessing unto others, when you do this you secure divine attention.

For divine attention, you need to be able to follow thoroughly the above principles to attract Gods’ attention. God help you in Jesus name, Amen.

Blueprint To Secure Divine Attention, by Pastor Eddie Iduoze, senior Pastor, Gateway Chapel, kent, London was delivered on June 14, 2015.