Recommitment and rededication

The human life is filled with several commitments and things we are dedicated to doing. But as Christians, the most important commitment and dedication we should uphold is that to the Living God, while every other commitment should be secondary. In our work and walk with God, we experience circumstances and situations that challenge our commitment and dedication to God, the reason why we need to from time to time examine ourselves and therefore recommit and rededicate our lives to God regularly.

After the Israelites had spent about 70 years in exile, God returned them to the Promised Land again. Things were very rough as they were trusting God for a new beginning again. Under the leadership of Ezra the prophet, Joshua the High Priest and Zerubabel the governor, they discovered that in order to experience a new beginning with God, they would need to separate themselves from the strange women that some of them had married which had contaminated their originality.

The people agreed to recommit and rededicate their lives to Jehovah and subsequently began to experience the new moves of God (Ezra 10:1-17; Zech. 4:1-10).

In this eight month of our year of new beginnings, it is impressed upon my spirit that God wants all of us to examine ourselves and demonstrate a recommitment to work and walk with Him; as well as rededicating our lives to Him anew as we approach the last quarter of this year. God in turn has however promised that we will then begin to experience His new moves and fresh deeds in our lives as individuals, families and in the church as a whole.

August 2014 Theme – Recommitment and rededication