A Hind deer runs about 40 miles/per hour, against man’s 10mph! It can jump a 9 foot fence and swim 13 miles/per hour! The advantage the hind deer has is not its height or length; but it’s specially designed legs by Jehovah. In running, its two back feet are designed to meet up with the two fore ones; thereby generating great speed, as well as the ability to ascend and descend hills with ease.

Every motion of the hind is followed through with single focused consistency, making it the most sure footed of all mountain animals. No wonder, David said, “The Lord is my strength, and he has made my feet like hinds feet, and makes me walk on high places” (Psalms 18:33).

Assuredly, it was God that made David to walk on high places as the most celebrated king in Israel. How could the eighth son have become the king when there are seven senior ones before him?  After his blunder with Bathsheba, how would he still have enjoyed restoration if God had not strengthened his feet?

The same declaration was made by Prophet Habakkuk in his prayers (Habakkuk 3:19).

The Almighty God has certain high places He has prepared for Everlasting Father’s Assembly in the months ahead. He has therefore desired to strengthen our feet in advance in the month of August! He will take us to heights where the ‘oxygen’ is pure; the scenery is awesome and where there are fewer distractions in Jesus Name. I pray to see you there!