Authority can rightly be defined as the power to give orders and enforce obedience. When such a power is granted or given by God; it is said to be Divine.

There are three questions someone can deduce from the sentence above:

Does God actually have power?

Can God or does God give power?

What sort of power can come from God?

God possess powers that cannot be described by human understanding. With Him impossibility does not exist (Luke 1: 37); there is nothing that is even hard for him to accomplish (Jer. 32: 27).

God can give power and does delegates power to His creatures. In Gen 1: 26-28, God gave power to Mankind over other creatures on the terrestrial surface. Equally, in Mk. 16: 17-18, God gave power to believers to cast out devils; sicknesses and to be resistance to any harm or danger.

It therefore follows that God can and does give power over physical and spiritual elements or seen and unseen forces.

In this month of August, God will vividly demonstrate that He has granted us Divine authority to give orders and enforce obedience over tangible and intangible matters in Jesus name. Objects in the air, water and land will bow to us; spiritual beings and their emissaries will flee before us in Jesus name.