April 2022 Theme – Jehovah Ezer (The Lord My Help)

April 2022 Theme – Jehovah Ezer (The Lord My Help)

Ezer is a Hebrew word that means help or helper (Gen. 2:18). It focuses on Divine assistance with things that are too difficult for His children to deal with or handle, as in time of despair or distress. Another word is Azar, which often refers to aid in form of military assistance.

In Greek, the words translated into help are Boetheia – which means assistance offered to meet a need; or Boetheo – which means to help or come to the aid of someone (Mt. 15: 25; Mk. 9: 22; Heb. 13: 6). In English language, Help can be defined as the action of helping someone to do something or make it easier or possible for someone to do something by offering one’s service or resources. Other words for help include assistance, aid, succour, etc.

While life and living already has its natural challenges, there are also physical and spiritual entities that wage wars against man (Micah 7: 1-8; Eph. 6: 12-18). One thing for sure that every man needs and seeks is help with one thing or the other, except those in self-deceit. We all need help, and as children of God, we need Divine assistance continuously.

David was a child of God. Right from when he was a youth, he had been very intimate with God, yet he went through lots of difficult and dangerous situations in life, such that if not for the help of God that was made available to him, he would have died a nonentity. Due to continuous helps he received from God, he was able to live a victorious and prominent life, such that he became the most celebrated king that ever ruled in Israel (Mt. 22: 41-46; Mk. 10: 52).

In Psalm 46:1, king David proclaimed that God was not only a refuge and strength to them; but also, a very present help in time of trouble. At every opportunity, David would proclaim the help of God upon his life and on those of the people under him (Psalm 3: 1-3; 20: 1-2; 33: 20; 70: 5; 115: 9; 121: 1-2).

In Dt. 33: 26-27, Moses also declared who Jehovah Ezer was to the children of Israel as they journeyed through the wilderness into the Promised Land. The God that ride on the heavens and the skies in His majesty to help his people. The God Who eternally is their refuge, and Who carried them with His hands across the desert as He drove out their enemies before them; and also commanded His children to destroy as they went.

As we prepare to enter this month, God kept reminding and reassuring me of His promise to us that He will help us. He particularly said that as touching areas or things that have been tough and difficult, He will grant us His assistance. He said, ‘I will assist you. I will enable you by Myself.’ He also said, ‘I will tell you what to do; and I will watch you do it.’ May God effect these promises in our lives and in our midst in Jesus mighty name.