April 2021 Theme – The Resurrection Power

April 2021 Theme – The Resurrection Power

Power is defined as ‘the ability to do something or act in a particular way’. The bible makes us know that God is not only a doing God, but He is also an active God. Right from when records are made available to man; God has shown that He could do things and also demonstrated His acts of power.

God has demonstrated His power of ingenuity by bringing into existence things that were not before. He commanded them to be, and His words stood fast (Gen. 1: 1-31). God demonstrated the power of His wrath by wiping off creation from Earth with flood and preserving Noah’s family to start a new race (Gen. 6:5-8).

God demonstrated the power of His wisdom as He confound the tongues of men when they started building a tower that would reach heaven (Gen 11: 1-9).

God has demonstrated the power of His almightiness by performing acts that are unthinkable like Sarah gave birth at 90 years of age (Gen. 21: 1-7); etc.

However, among all the abilities and acts of power that God had shown in the scriptures; the greatest I would think is the resurrection power. It is written in the bible that once a person dies, the next sequence of existence is the afterlife, where they go and answer to what they had done on earth (Heb. 9: 27). The bible also says no second life is available to man on earth (Job 7: 9-10). That is the universal law from God. For anything to happen, on the contrary, will take Divine intervention; even though Satan can try to counterfeit this, and confuse the simple-hearted.

God has through the hands of His prophets of old, and through the Jesus and His disciples of then and now demonstrate His power of resurrection (I Kings 17: 17-24; Mk 5: 35-43; Acts 9: 36-38). It is important to state that not all those prayed for are resurrected; it is God that decides.

The greatest show of that power of resurrection was demonstrated in raising Jesus from the grave. Jesus circumvents His nature as God to become a sinless Man to die for our sins, but He needed to return to His eternal position as God. He, therefore, cannot and must not remain in the grave. It will be unthinkable for God the Son to remain in that state. So, God did not leave the assignment of Jesus resurrection in the hands of angels alone; the Holy Spirit was in charge of it (Rom. 8:11; Acts 2: 24; 5: 30).

God is determined to employ the synergy of His resurrection power to aid, assist and help us through our journey in life and ministry. Whatever power that may want to hold us bound in the grave, pit, failure, obscurity, deadness, etc; is broken and destroyed by the resurrection power of God. We receive the freedom to do God’s perfect will and to perform very well from now on in Jesus name.