God is all mighty and all powerful. He is the sovereign Being. There is nothing that can make Him do whatever he doesn’t want to do. God can choose to favour anyone He desires at any given time. He does whatever pleases Him and no one can challenge or question His judgements.

However, because God is just, He most times considers certain things to justify His favour upon a man. Usually, God considers deeds that stand out in the life of the fellow, so that He can then bestow special honour and favour on the fellow which they otherwise wouldn’t have experienced.

In Acts 10:1-6, the bible talks about Cornelius who his deeds was able to attract God’s attention. Cornelius lived in Caesarea which was the capital city of the Judea Region. He was a Roman soldier who was in charge of about 100 soldiers. He was a gentile, yet he was attracted to the worship of Yahweh, the God of the land he was sojourning. He had adopted the hours of prayers of the Jewish people; he was committed to giving alms to God’s people; and he involved everyone in his household in all what he did.

Even though God has sent Jesus who had died for the salvation of the world; and the apostles of Jesus were then involved in spreading the gospel. Cornelius then hadn’t been informed about the way of salvation. God still took notice of Cornelius and decided to honour his deeds. An angel was sent by God to him to announce that his deeds of devotion and help had risen before God for action. To justify the intended honour upon Cornelius life, God had to arrange a path of redemption for him and his household. They were all empowered by the Holy Spirit and baptised into the body of Christ by Apostle Peter. They then became more honourable in the hands of Jehovah.

In this month and beyond, God is calling all of us to deeds of honour. He wants us to demonstrate greater reverence to Him; be more devoted to His work and be more generous with our giving to His chosen people and humanity. In so doing, God will honour our deeds and grant us positions of higher honours in the society and even in eternity.