In Mark 5:21-42, Jesus returned to Capernaum as soon as He was chased away from the land of the Gadarenes after the deliverance of the maniac of the region.  He was approached by a ruler of the synagogue (Jarius) who pleaded with him to come and lay His hands on his daughter who was at the point of death. As Jesus was going with him, the incidence of the woman with the issue of blood delayed Him and the fact that multitude were pressing on Him.

Before they could get to Jairus house, his daughter had died. The bearer of the message told him not to bother Jesus anymore for the case is now unredeemable. Jesus overheard the statement and encouraged Jairus not to lose hope. On getting to the house, Jesus chased the mourners away, went inside with the parent of the child; including Peter, James and John. He simply just spoke to the dead corpse and said, “Talitha cumi” which means “Damsel, I say unto thee arise”. The dead girl arose, ate and started her life back!

In this month of April, the Almighty God will wake up whatever has slept within us; He will silence every kind of ado; He will call us to Himself and show us mighty deeds. He will make us to ‘walk’ with great and majestic strides. He will also cause people to be astonished about us with great astonishment in Jesus name.