Activating Divine Amazement With The Word of God, by Elder Jacob Odaudu

Activating Divine Amazement With The Word of God, by Elder Jacob Odaudu

Everything done by God, is amazing, Everything God is doing is amazing and everything God will do will be amazing because no man can do such, therefore it is my belief that God will do amazing things in your life this month in Jesus name.

What then is the word of God -the word of God is God personified. Genesis chapter 1- God created the world through the spoken word. He said let it be and things came into being.

God inspected, assessed and approved or concord with word He sent to accomplished. He who has a perfect judgement confirmed shout FIVE times that it was God and the six times it was very GOOD.

God’s word is so intelligent that it never made a mistake, it does exactly what God asked him to do. in fact, it cannot return back to God giving excuse and complaining. psalm 33:9 “for he spoke and it was done, he commanded and at steadfast”

God’s word is trustworthy enough that God has magnified the word above his name

God’s word is powerful enough to go to everywhere, it can penetrate to the bone, intersecting even the joints and bone marrow

Where the word of a king is, there is power. The word is powerful and strong enough to produce result Isaiah 55

So shall my word go forth, it shall not return unto me void- But it shall accomplish produce, succeed and make effect it must prosper, advances and

and make effect in what he pleases

His word is quick and sharp- Eph 6:7 it means it is not dull, slow or comes too late. Always right on time that is why God says he is under pressure to hasten it to perform Jeri 1:12

There are so many amazing things God did in the bible for our example, for lack of time let us examine God.

THE CROSSING OF THE SEA exodus 14:15-16

God knows the way through which he asked his children to go through- he knows that the Red Sea is there yet he asked them to go. The Egyptian horses and chariots of Egypt chased them from the back, according to theologian – both side of left and right are in mountable hills. To their front, a big sea. No way of escape. At a moment like this people would usually grumble but Moses looked up unto God and a word from God *(lift thou up thy rod and stretch out thine hand over the sea and divide it and the children of Israel shall go on dry land) and Moses obeyed, did as God commanded, that the children of Israel were saved. The lord overthrew the Egyptians in the mist of the sea

Today according to the word of God, the Egyptians you see today you shall see them no more. God shall make a way for you in Jesus name and your enemies shall be fooled into delusion and be swallowed up by the waters in Jesus name

Mathew 17:27- Jesus was to be embarrassed with payment of tax. He sent his word by asking the disciples to go get fish “the first fish you catch, open its mouth and you will find a shekel, large silver corn, take it and pay the tax for both of us”

The amazing question is does fish eat silver? Why should that particular fish carry the coin around, why should that particular fish be the first?

At the name of Jesus every issue that had defined solution, every problem that is meant to embarrass and humiliate you ,the carrier of your solution emerges today in Jesus name.

The case of Jesus and the fishermen- after they toilled all night, caught nothing, retired and given up, Jesus appeared

At your word- said Peter; the fishermen cast their net and their result was enormous. The amazing thing where were the fish all night all of a sudden they had to obey Gods word. May what you have been looking for answer Gods word in Jesus name

Now how do we activate the divine amazement through his word. Among many we can activate the divine amazement is by FAITH and prayer

FAITH is defined as unconditional trust and confident in both God and his word. An unwavering trust. Unshakeable trust, it means trusting God without condition because God is not a man that will lie Num 23:19, knowing that God is too faithful to fail, God is too reliable to reverse, such confident make you doubt your doubt and rather believe God. Such confident and trust make people to act foolishly in the eyes of men and make people act dangerously to the point people think you act stupid. What would make Abraham leave the comfort of his home, friends, people and take this dangerous journey, endangered his life, the life of his wife and concubine in the desert but The foolishness of God is better than the sanctity of men, knowing fully well that he who calleth YOU shall pay YOU well

It is unconditional-WORSHIPPING or serving and believing on his word shall not be on certain condition because GOD CANnOT BE THREATENED. let it come to a point that we act on God’s word not because of healing, financial breakthrough etc but because he is our maker, a creator that is why God says Job 13:15 thou he slay me yet I will trust him.

Faith is a total obedience without question the man that exercise faith is not only to claim and “declare and claim” but a man who looks for instruction to follow, promise to claim.

People do claim; God says phil 4:19, God shall supply all your needs without- checking what verse 17&18. Exodus23;25 God says it shall bless my bread and water without obeying ye shall serve the lord your God.

DECLARING the Lord says HE will open the window of heaven without “Bring ye your tithe and offering”. MAL3:10

The man that attracts divine amazement is A responsibility hunter, an instruction hunter and an actor of God’s word.

A LOVER OF prayer- A man that will attract divine AMAZEMENT is a man of prayer, a man that knows how to cry to God in season and out of season, a man that can draw the attention of heaven, a man that knows how to totally depend on God for solution.

The sermon ‘Activating Divine Amazement With The Word of God’, by Elder Jacob Odaudu was delivered on June 12, 2016 at the Special Elders’ Service.