8 Hindrances To Living An Amazing Life, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

1. Partial obedience/disobedience: after that the Israelites had persisted that they wanted a king like other nations around them; God selected Saul as the first king in Israel. Saul was very humble and good just for 2 years and after that he committed his first disobedience by performing a sacrifice by himself. Not long afterwards, he committed partial obedience when God asked him to destroy the Amalekites and their animals. He killed the people, but kept alive their king and fat livestock. Samuel then pronounced the word of God to Saul (1 Sam. 15: 16-23). Saul would have reigned till his next generation would have continued after him; but because of his disobedience, he lost what would have been a staggering accomplishment for his family. Partial obedience or disobedience will take one’s footprints away. Make sure you obey God always.

2. Pride: the Bible makes us to know that Satan was not evil from the beginning. He was a special creation of God. He was the arch-angel. The one that stood in the presence of God continually. He was more anointed than the other angels. However, he allowed pride to overcome him and felt that the role he was playing in heaven was too little, he wanted to be God himself. He was then cast down from heaven by angel Michael and have therefore earned himself eternity in the lake of fire! (Isaiah 14: 12-17).

What do you have that you have not been given by God? God stays away from the proud, talk less of we people. You must be humble before God to enjoy staggering success in life.

3. Greed and covetousness: the bible makes us to know that Elisha by the special grace of God was able to receive the double portion of the anointing of God upon Elijah. Everything Elijah did, Elisha was able to do twice. One would have thought that the servant of Elisha would be that wise to demand the double of the anointing upon his master, which would have been a quadruple of the anointing of Elijah. Unfortunately, because of greed and covetousness, the servant of Elisha lost what would have been a staggering accomplishment for him and earned leprosy for his generation! (2 kings 5: 19-27).

This negative attribute is what actually finished Judas Iscariot. He was following Jesus not because he wanted to preach the gospel, but because of the supposed benefits that might come with the assignment (John 12: 1-7).

The rest eleven apostle made staggering accomplishment – their name is to be written on the foundation of the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:14) and additional reward to judge the 12 tribes in Israel (Luke 22:30); Judas on the other hand got the second death which is eternity in the lake of fire!

Covetous people are always frustrated people. They will always chase after shadows, because they are seeking to live other people’s lives. Do not put your eyes in what is not yours. Ask God for your own. It is what is unique to you that will have your remembrance upon.

4. Lack of honour – reverence to God: the Levites were a special tribe of Israel before Jehovah. They were specifically assigned to come before God and conduct sacrifice for the people, including their rulers. However, the children of Eli violated the condition of their service before God by taking the aspect of the offering that belongs to Jehovah while the offering was going on, thereby retaining the sin of the people. God would not take it anymore and decided to reverse their special life. They died a shameful death and their footprint was taken over by a non Levites – Samuel (1 Sam. 2: 30-36).

Lack of honour – honour to Man: the bible admonishes us to submit to authority because the powers that be are ordained by God. There was a time when David was running away from Absalom his son; he then came across Shimei who was related to King Saul. Shemei rained abuses and curses on David without giving regard or honour to him (2 Sam. 16: 5-13). Unfortunately for Shemei, David regained his throne. Even though David did not take revenge, Solomon – his son had the opportunity to avenge the dishonour Shemei did to David is father and that shortened the life of Shemei (1 Kings 2: 43-46).

If you do not give honour and reverence to God, He can’t make you have good memory. If you dishonour people God has placed above you also, you can not earn the sort of honour that will give you a good memorial.

5. Laziness: God hates indolence. He makes sure that people who are lazy are not able to live a life of indelible footprint positively. Jesus told us a parable about the talents.

A master was travelling and gave 3 of his servants gifts to work with. Two of them traded with their gifts and gained double more. The other one hid his own gift in the ground and was not just played around, but was abusing his master to others hearing. Their master came back commended and promoted the first two; but the third one was punished and the only gift that he had was taken away and still given the first man! (Mt. 25: 14-30).

The bible says that those who are consistently diligent will enjoy staggering accomplishments (Prov. 22:29). The same bible says those that are lazy will not amount to anything in life (Prov. 28: 19).

You can’t afford to be lazy. You will be remembered by what you did with your time. Do you have a talent? Gift? Skill? Or knowledge? Using it well will earn you staggering accomplishment. For example, those who made things we use today (plane, telephone) can’t be forgotten in life …

6. Stinginess: those who are tight handed can never live an amazing life. What will people remember them with? There is a slogan that says “Eat alone, die alone”. It means if you don’t help others, you won’t be helped at the time of need. That won’t be your portion in Jesus name.

For the first time in their lives, Cain and Abel were opportune to bring gift unto their Creator. Cain was stingy while Abel was generous. Today, we still remember Abel for his good service to God (Gen. 4:3-5).

Nabal was another stingy man in the bible. He was very rich in sheep and goat. Only to kill few goats for David and his men, he refused. He even rained insults on David. Unfortunately for him, because of his deed he suffered a heart attack and died prematurely 7 days later, leaving everything he had for David who straightaway married his wife -Abigail (I Sam. 25: 2-10, 36-38).

It is not possible to leave behind an amazing memorial if you are tight handed, because the bible says it will lead to poverty (Prov. 11:24). The unbelievers even know this…

You may not have excess, give out of the little you have; give your time, energy, advice, etc. those things will give you staggering accomplishments and indelible footprint.

Do you obey the law of tithing? What do you give as offering? Do you honour God with your first fruit? Do you help the poor? Do you rejoice with those celebrating?…

7. Physical failures & spiritual attacks: it is possible for a bonafide child of God to undergo tough times, the good news is that if you are not ignorant of whom you are, you will overcome and still live an amazing life.

Jabez was a seed of Abraham, but was grieved with sorrow and failures. However, one day his sorrow turned to joy; his failure turned to honour and he became a honourable man and lived an amazing life (I Chro. 4:10).

What is that attack or failure against you? Such attack and failures will come to an end today in Jesus name.

8. Impatience: many of us do go through trials and challenges in life. Some of us are patient to see the way of escape that God has open to us; while others are impatient and acted before they ought to and by so doing ruined their chance to live an amazing life.

God had ordained that He will use Abraham to bless the whole world; Abraham however had only Isaac which was the promised child. Isaac on the other hand had two children – Esau and Jacob. These two were twins; Esau was privileged to come out first to become the carrier of the Divine covenant from Abraham.

However one day after coming back from hunting, he was famished with hunger and he was too impatient to prepare something for himself or even drink water to fill his empty stomach. He sold his birthright to Jacob because he saw a ready meal with him (Gen. 25: 29-34).

From that time, unknowing to him, because of impatient he became the junior and Jacob became the senior and the carrier of the Abrahamic covenant! Jacob became the father of many nations promised by God afterwards and Esau became the Edomites – who became enemies of God.

There is a set time for everything we need from God. Our impatience can only be on our knees and not by hurrying to get it done before God’s time. Doing it our way in a hurry will delete the amazing life that would have come from that request or promise.


Almighty Father, empower me with everything to do your will. Work in me to please you all the time in Jesus name.

Almighty Father, build a hedge of protection around the works of my hands and all my substance.

Almighty Father, let whatever vocation, business or job I am involved in be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. Let all that pertains to me bring forth their fruits in their season.

Almighty Father, help me not to labour in vain; let your beauty appear in my life.

In Jesus name, I will not wither financially; dryness will not come into anything I do. I proclaim that my season of financial fruitfulness has come.

From now on, whatever I lay my hands on will prosper in Jesus name. I will not build for another to take over; I will not plant for another to confiscate in Jesus name.

For every seed of labour, time, energy, money and love I have sown in life, I demand a hundred fold in Jesus name.

The sermon, 8 Hindrances To Living An Amazing Life, by Pastor Samuel Obafaiye, was delivered on August 28, 2016